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Benefits of Natural Light

The human being recognizes in the sky an element of vital importance, a global ancestral language that binds man to the outdoor environment.

Light is, in this sense, the key element to maintain a good psycho-physical balance during our days.

The outdoor stimuli such as light or dark helps us to regulate the biological clocks and keep us synchronized with the alternation day / night. Almost all the functions of the human body vary according to these rhythms, known as circadian cycles. The clocks that rules the circadian rhythms are controlled by the brain, are regulated by the sun through the visual system and deeply conditioning our health and well-being.

Today our rhythms have been suddenly reversed, during this new everyday routine passed within our homes walls is important to maintain a good quality of sleep, which influence all our mind functions: mood, concentration, attention, stress, etc. .The natural light is closely related to the production of melatonin which have a great influence on our wellbeing.

Artificial skylight

The CoeLux Artificial Skylight System in Singapore

Scientists at the University of Insubria in Italy took the best part of a decade to develop CoeLux, which manages to cleverly replicate the visual appearance of the sun and sky through a solid layer of nanoparticles that produce Rayleigh scattering – the scientific process that makes our sky appear blue.

CoeLux® is a scientific breakthrough, allowing you for the first time to reproduce in an interior space the physical effects and optical phenomena of natural light, specifically the diffusion and transmission of sunlight through the atmosphere. CoeLux® technology recreates the sun and sky allowing you to truly experience the outdoors while indoors.

CoeLux® combines three key elements:

  • The latest LED technology which reproduces the sunlight’s spectrum;
  • A sophisticated optical system that creates the sensation of the distance between the sky and the sun;
  • Nano-structured materials, only a few millimeters thick, which recreate the entire Rayleigh scattering process which occurs in the atmosphere.

The effect of warm, artificial, direct sunlight illuminates and enhances objects, completely transforming domestic and public spaces, giving them volume and shape through light and shadow, and creating a new relationship between people and the architectural space which surrounds them.

Coelux - Artificial Skylight - Bathroom
Coelux Artificial Skylight

CoeLux was awarded at the European Innovation Prize for Retail 2017 for revolutionizing artificial daylight. The applications for CoeLux are endless, as it is not only an awe-inspiring decorative lighting solution.

Using an artificial daylight like CoeLux may be important in countries where skylight is scarce, or in buildings that may extend multiple stories underground.  As we continue to innovate space-saving solutions, CoeLux can help us recreate the natural daylight that humans miss when spending all of their time indoors.

Coelux Applications

Coelux Office Applications
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Coelux - Retails Applications
Coelux - Retails Applications

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