Infra Red Temperature Scan

Infra red temperature imaging scanning is one of the methods to find out whether joints are properly installed. It can be done for transformer, switch board, control panel, busway, electric motor, cable termination and etc.
After the whole installation on the site has been done, we provide infra-red temperature scanning to find out the temperature along the busway or cables. By analyzing the data in picture, the temperature degree can be determined. This is especially useful to find out whether the joints for busbar/cables are joined properly.


Terminology : EMF and EMC
Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) is the natural surrounding force to any material that contains, produces, carries or transforms electric power of any type. So, there are unlimited sources of EMF affecting equipment of any kind, as well as people.
Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the compound of standards and regulations that allow electrical and electronic devices to interface safely with human beings and its environment and also to provide the safety measures to human beings and equipment against disturbance incoming from the environment mainly generated by other electric and electronic devices.
EMC Consultancy, Testing & Shielding Turnkey Solution 
To ensure magnetic field and electric field level are kept within (European Standards or IEC) limits, ensuring equipments installed harmonize and magnetic/ electric field exposed to humans are at acceptable level as per (ICNIRP Standards)
  • Shield the source or shield the affected area
  • Magnetic Shielded Rooms
  • Electrical Shielded Rooms
  • Hybrid Shielded Rooms
  • Shielded Enclosures
  • Shielded Cable Trunking