Fuji Cast Resin Transformers 
Product Features:
Vacuum Casting – Our product is manufactured with vacuum casting method using a premium metal pattern, resulting in a thick resin layer with a smooth surface.
Fire Resistant – Epoxy resin possesses self-extinguishing and fire resistant properties, making it safe in flammable environments. Fuji Electric’s cast resin transformer successfully completed and passed all tests of IEC 60076-11 in 2006.
Partial Discharge Free – All our transformers are coated in high-vacuum chambers to reduce air and gases in resin to reduce partial earth discharges. Partial discharge is less than 10 pC (Pico-coulombs intensity) as per partial discharge test.
Applied Standards – IEC60076-11 (First Japanese manufacturer to obtain IEC60076-11 standard) ANSI/IEEE C57.12.01 GB6450, GB/T10228 JEC-2200 etc.