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Signify is transforming the lighting industry with revolutionary 3D printing technology. These customizable solutions allow you to create tailored luminaires at a fraction of the cost of traditional bespoke lighting, while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Three reasons to choose 3D printed lighting

Tailored design for everyone

Perfect fit

With 3D-printed lighting, you can personalize, customize and tweak your luminaire to uniquely fit your needs by selecting the shape, pattern, color and size, lumen output, driver and optics. To help you with the design process, Signify has done some of the legwork for you. Choose from a large range of color combinations, transparency options and textures for nearly endless possibilities.

Sustainable and circular

Fixtures inherently designed for low environmental impact

Signify tick many sustainability boxes with our innovative lighting products. The materials Signify uses for printing your designs are made of 100% recyclable polycarbonate. They maintain focus on a fully green product lifecycle – from design to production to re-use and recycle. A typical finished luminaire (excluding electronics and optics) has a 47% lower carbon footprint than a similar conventionally manufactured metal luminaire. It is 35% lighter, resulting in carbon savings when shipping. At the end of life, the luminaire’s polycarbonate material can be shredded and re-used.

Fast Delivery & Easy Installation

Custom options delivered fast

Once you’ve designed your perfect luminaires, you don’t have to wait long for delivery. Transport time quick – Signify can supply a wide range of customization options without long lead times. Our revolutionary new manufacturing technology allows us to deliver unprecedented speed, flexiblity and economy. And installation is easy because the luminaires have been made to fit your exact specifications.

Get inspired by 3D printed lighting design ideas

3D printed lighting 1
3D printed lighting 2
Vintage Collection 3D printed Lamp

Vintage Collection

Scandinavian Style 3D printed Lighting

Scandinavian Style

Scandi Cabin 3D printed lighting

Scandi Canbin Collection

3D printed Pendant

Mia Collection

3D printed Industrial lamp

Lucid Collection


Tailored 3D printed lighting solutions can make any application stand out

Hospitality Application

No more searching through endless catalogs. Create the exact ambiance you’re looking for, tailored for your space and your brand.

Hospitality Lighting - 3D printed Lighting


Searching through catalogs for just the right luminaire can be time consuming. With our 3D printed lighting, the endless search is a thing of the past.

We provide a unique and sustainable concept that matches your style and brand. You choose the material and texture to create a consistent, customized line of lighting. Functional and decorative. 3D printed luminaires provide the flexibility to update your interior quickly and simply. You can have them on your doorstep in just four weeks.

Hotel - 3D printed Lighting


3D printed lighting help ensure your next renovation is quick and easy. With a 100% guaranteed fit, our 3D printed lighting save you frustration, as well as money, from the start.

Easily match your brand with decorative pendants that will wow your guests. Stay on trend with a smart design that can quickly reprinted and replaced. And because we reuse the materials of the old luminaire, there’s no waste!

Retail Application

Keep your store interesting and on trend by updating your lighting on a regular basis. It’s quick and easy! Plus, we recycle your old luminaire and print another, so it’s a sustainable choice as well. Stay ahead of your competition while meeting your sustainability goals.

Departmtent Store - 3D printed Lighting

Department store

Creating just the right lighting concept in your department store can be a difficult and time-consuming process. With our 3D printed lighting, you now have a sustainable solution that simplifies lighting design without a huge investment. We provide an easy, one-stop-shop to help you design lighting that matches your style and brand. Plus, the flexibility to choose colors, shapes, sizes and more gives you even more branding opportunities.

Fashion Store -3D printed Lighting


Trends change quickly, and you want to stay relevant in the fast-paced world of fashion. Our 3D printed luminaires are a sustainable choice that allow you to create a unique concept for every brand in a flash. You can offer your customers a fresh in-store experience by creating your unique designs. You can choose functional projectors, downlights or decorative pendants in countless shapes, materials and textures so you’re always on the cutting edge.

The smart design allows you to change out your lighting regularly if you wish. We recycle them to print new ones, which means we not only help you improve the customer experience but support your sustainability goals as well.

Office Application

Keep your store interesting and on trend by updating your lighting on a regular basis. It’s quick and easy! Plus, we recycle your old luminaire and print another, so it’s a sustainable choice as well. Stay ahead of your competition while meeting your sustainability goals.

Office Application - 3D printed Lighting


Functional lighting is often limited to standard downlights or panels. Our unique technology combines beautiful design with innovative functionality. Help your employees feel at home at work with a comfortable office environment.

Our 3D printed sustainable lighting put an end to time-consuming catalog searches. Simply use our online configurator to select materials and textures for a completely customized line of lighting. Our 100% guaranteed fit takes the hassle out of your next lighting renovation.

Office MeetingSpace Lighting


Creating the right lighting atmosphere in your meeting and hospitality areas can be a time-consuming process. It often means endless searching through catalogs and discussions with suppliers.

Our 3D printed lighting will help ease the process of lighting design. With a simple one-stop-shop concept, it’s easy to select a design that matches your style as well as your brand. You choose the materials, textures and shape, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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