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“Crafting a visual feast to building architecture through our innovative products and solutions"

Our experienced and dedicated lighting team is highly competent in designing for all categories of lighting applications, lux calculations and lighting simulations or create 3D simulations to offer customers full previews of lighting effects.

LKH Projects Distribution Pte Ltd has worked with owners, developers, architects, engineers, interior designers, lighting Consultants and contractors on numerous projects supply in the commercial, residential and industrial segments. We look forward to helping you in crafting a visual feast for your projects through our partnership with world-class brand partners.

Comprehensive Lighting Applications with Technical Support

Project Portfiolio

We pair our technical expertise in lighting and electrical solutions with a creative passion for architecture and design.  Drawing on our extensive background in the lighting industry, we provide customized lighting services and solutions covering the entire spectrum of your project from design support to technical execution.

Business Process

Our technical team is dedicated to offer pre- and post-sales customer services, troubleshooting, ensuring our customers enjoy complete peace of mind when working with LKHPD’s lighting project team.

Our Process:

  1. Establish Design Intent
  2. Selection & Procurement
  3. Lighting Simulation & Mock-up
  4. Installation & Supervision
  5. Testing & Commissioning

Partners' Case Studies

Lighting Experience Showroom in Singapore

Our lighting experience showroom features our innovative lighting solutions in action.
Schedule an appointment with us in our lighting experience showroom and discuss your next project.

Our Solutions

Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting is the art of illumination. It is at the intersection of art and technology, and is key in enhancing the overall environment. For the most part, architectural lighting fixtures are not meant to be seen, they are meant to hide amongst the design of the architect and highlight/shadow the exact areas that require attention.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting fixtures are meant to be seen. A crossover between art, design, and functionality, they are often a key element in an interior designer’s grand plan. Hanging fixtures like chandeliers and pendant lamps work best in open spaces, and decorative sconces and wall mounted fixtures work well in smaller spaces. There is a need to consider both the appearance of the fixture and the way it transmits light.

Customised Lighting

Customised Lighting

Give us a lighting specification and we’ll find a way. Bespoke lighting solutions for all price points, our team can develop and customise fixtures to fit the vision of the architect or interior designer. From concept design to production of luminaires, we assist the entire way.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems provide infinite control over your space. Lighting affects how people act & feel, and smart lighting systems can be optimised to best suit the environment and reflect the natural circadian rhythm. Smart installations take less time to install and are easier to upgrade, and additionally provide the basic infrastructure for a seamless building management system.

Functional Lighting

Functional Lighting

Lighting solutions to fit functional and technical project needs. Our years of experience working across various lighting applications gives us the knowledge to propose highly technical and functional lighting schemes and to fit any requirements.

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LKHPD Lighting Team
Light Journey Logo

Light Journey

Light Journey is the specialist lighting department of Lim Kim Hai Electric (LKH-E).  Pairing our lighting team’s technical expertise in lighting and electrical solutions with their creative passion for architecture and design, Light Journey was officially launched in October 2019.

Working with our international brand partners, we leverage on our network as an esteemed regional distributor along with the experience of our in-house lighting team.  From here, we seek to understand the unique vision of your project and customise a bespoke services & solutions package to manifest your dream lighting statement.

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