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Electrical Power is the critical element that brings devices and equipment to life. As a result, power distribution today has to be much more than just reliable. It should be efficient to plan, easy & safe to install and should have the flexibility & adaptability for future changes for energy management and for individual needs.

For more than 30 years, LKH Projects Distribution has been providing its client with reliable power through its solution

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Project Portfiolio

At LKHPD, you can expect extensive customer service support along with our products: Cables, Branch Cables, Busbars Trunking Systems, Transformer. Our services include a dedicated project team that can meticulously assist you in your design and layout from scratch, as well as providing you with essential training support, much more than the standard market offerings.

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We have the capability to verify Busbar Trunking specifications according to IEC and other International standards upon request in Singapore. In addition, we are able to conduct Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) for the final Busbar Trunking System in our Singapore Facility,

We are able to support any urgent product customization requests such as modifications, fault ratification, and repair to help you achieve fast project turnaround time.

We have achieved essential field experience by our successful participation in various market segments, including Airports, Wafer Fabrication Plants, Hospitals, Hospitalities, and Data Centres.

We have acquired valuable experience and expertise in designing busbar trunking systems, cables, branch cables, materials, standards, and technology. We are confident in our offerings and evolving from being a mere product supplier to being a responsive provider of solutions and services.

Our engineers help assess your sites, identify safety and efficient issues of your critical installations. We will help reduce risk and improve reliability for your electrical distribution needs and optimize your energy usage while pointing the way to your digital journey.

Helping you keep mission-critical infrastructure operating at maximum efficiency and optimal performance is our main goal. Our support services provide flexibility for all aspects of your electrical distribution needs.

Our technical training solutions are capable of enhancing the technical competencies of your team in electrical safety and distribution

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