At LKHPD, our busway (a.k.a Busbar trunking system, bus duct) is the first of its kind to be designed and tested with full testing facilities in Singapore. Reliable, flexible & customizable, simple and efficient are some of the main features of our busway. Our dedicated local project team is able to support our customers in the designing and drafting of the layout from ground up, installation, testing, and commissioning. Our busway supports applications that range from low voltage to high voltage up to 128KV which is well suited for Infrastructure, Data Centre, and any Building Construction Projects.

Sandwich LV Busway System - Schneider Electric

Electrical power available at all points, throughout the installation.

Exclusive features of the Schneider Electric system

Total coordination of the Schneider Electric system provides maximum safety of life and property, continuity of service, upgradeability and ease of installation. Product characteristics are checked by calculations and tests carried out in our laboratories and certified in independent international recognized laboratories.

A competitive installation:

Simplicity, upgradeability, safety and continuity of service and operation.

Savings start with installation

With plug-in points, Schneider busbar trunking reduces installation costs. Given the low cost of adding new circuits, savings increase as the number of loads increases, a natural consequence of the growth of your business.

Upgradeable during operation

  • In decentralised distribution, evolving operating requirements and costs are integrated right from the start.
  • The addition, relocation or replacement of load equipment can be carried out quickly, without de-energising the supply trunking or shutting down operation,
  • The cost of making such changes is greatly reduced:
    • loads are located close to supply points,
    • plug-in points are always available,
    • plug-in units can be reused or new ones added quickly for load relocation or replacement needs.
  • Reusable in the event of major changes: when making major modifications to your installation, the existing trunking can be easily dismantled and reused

Cast Resin MV Busbar System - Upto 22KV - Tecobar


  1. Medium voltage products meet the standard of IEC 60694, IEC 62271-200, IEC 62771-201 IEC 62271-202 and IEEE C 37.23.
  2. Compact, easy to install, no emission of toxic gas.
  3. The purity of conductor is 99.9% for copper with conductivity above 98% IACS.
  4. Low voltage drop, high short circuit current withstand, carried out overload + 20% for 2 hours.
  5. Degree of protection tested in accordance with IEC-60529, IP68. Mechanical Impacts IK10.
  6. Mixing excellent material such as non-organic volcanic rock with small amount of resin made of busway. With excellent insulation and heat dissipation properties.
  7. Low EMC
  8. Insulation level of class B 130℃.
  9. Products have shown excellent results for at least 40 years, and passed aging test with safety operation over 50 years.
  10. Maintenance-free.
Low Medium voltage busway
High Tension Busbar

Resin Impregnated Paper Busbar System Upto 128KV - MGC - Duresca

Protection Tube

All of our busbar systems have a protection tube which provides the following features:

– Best possible barrier against humidity and moisture ingress
– Excellent mechanical protection
– Same busbar system for indoor and outdoor application

High stability under UV exposure.

Resistant to aggressive environments such as salt water, mineral oil, grease, fuels, weak acids and bases.
Resistant to natural ingress like fungus, termites and mildew.
DURESCA® busbars are available in two versions:

– DE type with a corrugated polyamide tube → additional creepage distance.
– DG type with Cr-Ni or Aluminum for higher diameter (when polyamide tube is no more available).

Earth Layer

Specific for DURESCA® busbars is the earth screen in copper, embedded in the insulation and designed for a fault current of 8kA in case of an exceptional insulation failure.


Its design requires less space thanks to reduced bending radius combined with an easy and fast installation.

The DURESCA® busbar system, with the highest level of quality allows a safe lifetime of more than 30 years.

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