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BRADY Floor marking tape – Aisle and floor marking tape can be used to mark your facility’s aisles, walkways, safety hazards, storage areas and more. Floor tape is available in solid, patterned, reflective, glow in the dark and pre-printed options. Social distancing regulations can be communicated with a variety of these floor marking products.

Floor Marking Tape Types

ToughStripe Brady Floor Marking Tape
Toughstripe Max - Brady Floor Marking Tape

Toughstripe Max

Solid - Brady Floor Marking Tape

Toughstripe Max

Patterned Tape

Patterned Tape

Pre-printed Tape

Pre-printed Tape

Glow in dark
Guide Strip Tape

Guide Strip Tape

Vinyl Tape

Vinyl Tape

Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape

Print on Demand Tape

Print on Demand Tape

ToughStripe® Floor Marking Tape

Across multiple surfaces, including vinyl, tile, laminate, hardwood and carpet, on average ToughStripe® has 6 times more adhesion than masking tape and is 20x more durable.

Spend Less Time and Money Replacing Damaged or Worn Tape Lines

ToughStripe floor tape is made of a tough, industrial-strength and nonabrasive polyester material, featuring a low-profile design to minimize tears and scratches from skids and pallet jacks

ToughStripe Max floor tape is made of extruded polyvinyl chloride with an extra-strength acrylic adhesive with tapered edges for heavy industrial traffic and extra resistance to cuts and abrasions.

All Brady Floor Marking Tape Solutions feature a one year limited manufacturer warranty.

Applying and Removing Brady’s ToughStripe Floor Marking Tape

ToughStripe® floor tape is made of a tough, industrial-strength and nonabrasive polyester material making it durable enough to withstand high traffic areas and even forklift traffic. It also has a low-profile design that minimizes tears and scratches from skids and pallet jacks.

Floor Marking Guide - OSHA Standards

Color Standards Guide

With the right colors in the right places, you can easily keep workers on the right path, identify equipment and storage areas, hazardous flooring and forklift traffic and more.

Implement this useful guideline to establish floor marking consistency in your workplace:

Floor marking Tape Colour Standard Guide

Apply and Remove Brady Marking Tape Guide


  1. Sweep up any loose debris on the application surface area
  2. Clean and wash your floor to remove all dust and debris from the surface
  3. Allow floors to dry completely prior to application to ensure maximum adhesion
Floor Marking Tape Guide

Floor Tape Application

  1. Remove the label holding the tape to the side of the application box
  2. Fold back about 2 inches of the liner from the tape
  3. Stick the tape at the start point (be careful to align it in the direction desired)
  4. Pull the box until the tape is stretched along the desired path (keep the liner in place)
  5. At the end point, set the box down, slot-side face down
  6. Pull the liner back to the box and use a squeegee to seal the tape to the surface with downward pressure

Floor Tape Removal

  1. Using a hand-held scraper, lift the end of the tape
  2. Use a small amount of force to peel the tape slowly
  3. Peel off towards the other end at nearly a 90-degree angle
How to peel floor marking tape

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Beady Floor Marking Guide
Floor Marking - FAQ
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