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3m Tape Supplier
3M - LKHPD Brand Partner

LKHPD is the authorised distributor for 3M products.  We are distributing a wide range of 3M products including:

  • Electrical Markets Products (EMD),
  • Personal Safety Products (PSD),
  • Industrial Adhesives and Tapes (IATD,
  • Abrasive Solutions(ASD),
  • Separation & Purification Sciences Solutions (SPSD).

3M Featured Products

3M Industrial Abrasives

Industrial Abrasives

3M Disinfectant Cleaner

Disinfectant Cleaner

3M Floor Surface Tapes

Floor Surface Tapes

3M Respirator (Reusable)

Respirator (Reusable)

3M Respirator


3M Labeling


3M LV & MV Cables Splicing

LV & MV Cables Splicing

3M Ground Equipment

Ground Equipment

3M Cable Preparation & Maintenance

Cable Preparation & Maintenance

35 Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape

35 Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape

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