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What is connected lighting?

With a focus on quality of light, enhanced efficiency and data-driven insights, connected lighting brings LED lighting and information technology together to take lighting application to  new level. And with the ability to collect, share and analyze data, it has the power to enhance how we live in today’s digital era. Our suite of application software can help you to derive additional value from your lighting installation.

Where there’s light, there’s insight.

As a subset of IoT platform, connected lighting is described as the digitalizing of light fittings, controls and sensors via a network that can be subsequently monitored, analyzed and controlled, either wired or wirelessly, through a dashboard accessed by a computer, tablet, or Smartphone.

Our System enables the connected lighting to form the IoT infrastructure to deliver insights, benefits and value added services to customers. It makes lighting intelligent beyond illumination.

There are several reasons you would want to consider implementing connected lighting

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Benefits of connected lighting

There are several reasons you would want to consider connected lighting

  • Lighting with motion detection: when there’s no human presence, the fittings can be turned off or at least dim automatically. This saves substantial amount of energy by preventing energy wastage.
  • Only as much light as necessary: using sensors that detect the presence of sunlight and automatically adjust their brightness according to the present values.
  • Eliminates light pollution unnecessary
  • Conservation of biodiversity
  • Environmentally friendly (reduce CO2 emissions)
  • Manage lighting points remotely
  • Control lighting points in real-time
  • Grouping/zoning of lighting point
  • Adapt lighting behavior according to inputs of sensors
  • Extract critical information straight from dashboard: system health status, dimming levels, failure notification, triggered sensors, disabled connections, energy consumption of individual fitting or the entire certain grouping, Event logs on scheduled and deviations 
  • Asset management of all light fittings and their respective components, regardless of locations at your fingertip.

Connected Lighting Systems

Interact - Connected Lighting


Where there’s light, there’s insight.

“Interact IoT Platform enables connected LED lighting systems and embedded sensor networks to deliver insights, benefits and new services to customers. It makes lighting intelligent. Delivering an IoT ecosystem for our partners, customers and developers powered by the world’s largest network-connected LED lighting.”

esave - connected lighting


Light. When needed. As much as needed.

“At esave we develop and offer state-of-the-art technologies and smart solutions in the area of light management, guiding municipalities and industries on the journey to become connected and autonomous, bringing the real and digital worlds together, and ensuring a sustainable future.”

Casambi - Connected Lighting


Bluetooth Low Energy

“Today Casambi is the clear leader in modern wireless lighting control solutions based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Key aspects of the Casambi solution are great user experience, high performance and scalability from basic individual fixture controls to industrial-scale solutions with cloud-based remote control, monitoring and data logging.”

Lighting Experience Showroom in Singapore

Our lighting experience showroom features our innovative lighting solutions in action.
Schedule an appointment with us in our lighting experience showroom and discuss your next project.


Connected City

Connected City

Make your city smarter and more livable with our systems. Simple software management tools enable you to improve street lighting, safety and beautify the urban landscape across roads, parks and public spaces. It will also help reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and support your sustainability goals.

Connected Office

Connected Office

Turn your office into a smart sustainable workspace with software that allows you to increase building efficiency and employee productivity.  Use data to understand how your office is used and optimize space. Utilize different light settings to facilitate collaboration, improve concentration and energize employees.

Connected Retail Shop

Connected Retail Shop

Differentiate your store experience and improve staff efficiency. Interact Retail software enables you to group, zone and schedule connected lighting to create stopping power. It also supports in-store location-based marketing services to increase shopper engagement and indoor navigation to improve staff productivity.

Connected Industry

Connected Industry

Create smarter warehouses, factories and manufacturing to deliver better safety, efficiency and productivity. Our connected lighting software gives you real-time data and insights into how your business operates so you can streamline logistics, reduce downtime, optimize order picking and improve traffic flows.

Connected Sport

Connected Sports

Future-proof your venue by delivering the best fan experience.  Our systems lets you monitor, manage and coordinate all your lighting infrastructure from a single dashboard from pitch lighting, entertainment light shows, hospitality areas and exterior architectural lighting.

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“We strive for continuous improvement of our product and service quality. We continue to forge ahead alongside the
steady pace of development with the industry. With astute foresight, we focus on the needs of tomorrow by looking and
investing beyond the present.”

Daniel Poon – General Manager/Executive Director

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