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Data centre infrastructure includes all of the physical components contained in a data centre environment. If it’s physically inside or forms the physical structure of a data centre facility, then it’s data centre infrastructure.

Evolve and grow with smarter, more scalable solutions

To compete and win, data centers need the freedom to scale seamlessly in response to changing demand, new applications and growing deployments.

Your migration path is paved with fiber – a solid and sure future built on higher fiber counts, greater bandwidth and the potential to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. That’s why CommScope’s end-to-end portfolio of data center infrastructure connects today’s scaling strategy to tomorrow’s high-speed deployments.

Infrastructure solutions for data centers

Fiber cabling and connectivity

As fiber counts and density grow, the importance of manageability increases. With solutions like compact rollable ribbon fiber, high-density optical distribution frames (ODFs) and ultra-high-density splice panels, CommScope provides complete fiber management solutions that support higher fiber counts and scale easily.

CommScope knows that high fiber density is valuable only if it’s manageable and useable. So we designed our high-density ODFs and ultra-high-density panels to provide maximum fiber density that’s easy to maintain. When deployed together they create a scalable connectivity platform that keeps all fibers secure and accessible while enabling you to support more connections per RU.

For faster deployment, our cabling and connectivity solutions are compact and modular. They include pre-terminated trunks and cabling assemblies that deliver plug-and-play installation and consistently superior end-to-end link performance.

Our fiber solutions deliver industry-leading optical performance—from the core to every spine and leaf. So you can support longer link spans and the infrastructure design needed for guaranteed operational availability—all while ensuring a clear migration path for future applications, whatever your roadmap dictates.

Connectivity throughout the data center

Connectivity throughout the data center
1. Fiber entrance

Fiber entrance

2. FiberGuide® - Fiber Raceway

FiberGuide® – Fiber Raceway

3. High density

High density

3. High performance single mode fiber

High performance singlemode fiber

3. LazrSPEED® OM5 Wideband

LazrSPEED® OM5 Wideband

3. Ultra-low loss
4. Fiber connectivity

Fiber connectivity

5. Copper


6. imVision® Automated infrastructure management

imVision® Automated infrastructure management

Automated infrastructure management (AIM)

As your infrastructure grows more dense and complex, the need for automated monitoring and management is fast becoming non-negotiable. You need real-time visibility of every connection, port and device across the physical layer.

CommScope’s imVision®, the leading automated infrastructure management solution, provides it. An easy-to-use web-based dashboard allows you to see and control every aspect of your infrastructure in real time. Whether you want to implement changes such as adding new servers, tracking down a stranded switch port, or troubleshooting a connectivity issue, imVision can diagnose in minutes what used to take days to discover.

CommScope’s imVision®

CommScope’s imVision® enables:

  • Real-time status of every connection, port, device
  • Risk-free moves, adds and changes
  • Instant identification of stranded switch ports
  • Fast troubleshooting of connectivity issues
  • Alerts of unauthorized connection or disconnection
  • Location-based display of network connections
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