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ERCO Beamer New projectors are precision tools for the most demanding outdoor lighting tasks – technically on a par with the best museum spotlights. With compact and corrosion-free housings, they feature exceptional quality of light, adaptivity and digital connectivity.

ERCO first projector with darklight lenses

The new generation of Beamer projectors brings not only the precision of museum spotlights but now also their variance to outdoor spaces: digital control types, interchangeable distributions and new mounting possibilities offer maximum design flexibility. Innovative darklight lenses enable you to realise sophisticated outdoor projects with the best quality of light and outstanding visual comfort.

Why ERCO Beamer?

Because good outdoor light should be adaptive

Select from: simple switching, dependable DALI control or wireless operation via Casambi Bluetooth. Beamer provides you with the right interface.

Because good light needs darkness

Light only where it is needed. Darklight lenses project crisply defined beams of light with high precision onto the target surface. In this way, the darkness remains dark.

  • Dark Sky: Precise light beams without spill light
  • Optical cut-off achieves maximum visual comfort
  • Darklight lens with a magical appearance

Because some projects demand flexibility up to the last minute

Whether on the ground, on facades or on high masts: Beamer offers the right mounting option. Variably adjustable zoom distributions can be precisely adjusted for the area to be illuminated. This makes your lighting not only flexible but also future-proof.

  • 10 interchangeable distributions: From accenting to wallwashing
  • Adjustable zoom optics
  • Extensive mounting options for outdoor spaces

Because the world is full of colour

Beamer offers two light spectra: 3000K CRI 92 for good colour rendering and 4000K CRI 82 for maximum energy efficiency. Conversion filters even generate eight additional spectra from 3000K and 4000K. If that’s not enough for you, get even more flexibility with the tunable white and RGBW versions.

RGBW projectors

Perfect for seasonal festivities or corporate lighting: RGBW projectors enable coloured lighting concepts with over 16 million colours. Thanks to white LEDs in the luminaire, lighting concepts with white light colours are also possible.

Tunable white

Tunable white offers you the right light colour for every time of night, season and occasion. In combination with Casambi Bluetooth, control the light colour simply with your smartphone or tablet.

different light spectra

Beamer offers two different light spectra with 3000K or 4000K as well as colour rendering up to CRI 92. Using conversion filters, you can create an additional 8 spectra from 3000K and 4000K for each application.

Project References by ERCO

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