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Data Communication Services

Digital Transformation

The world is becoming more interconnected at a pace that none of us have expected Digital Transformation has reshaped businesses. We are depending more and more on data, computing power and connectivity.

Our Product Range

High speed connectivity for your networks

A complete portfolio of standards-based, technologically superior solutions that support voice, data, security, audio, video, controls and other building and campus systems. Our data communication solution includes both fiber optic and copper cable which offers you full flexibility to meet your project needs. Our connectivity and cable management solution ranges from the entrance facility to the desktop and across the campus.


  • Powered Fiber Cable, Outdoor
  • Powered Fiber Cable, Indoor/Outdoor
  • PoE Extender
  • Power Supplies


  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Fiber Panel Portfolios
  • SD Fiber Portfolios
  • APAC Local Splicing Solutions
  • Fiber Connectors and Adapters
  • Fiber Patch Cords
  • Fiber Pigtails
  • Rack and Cabinet


  • Category 6A U/UTP
  • Category 6A F/UTP
  • Category 6 U/UTP
  • Category 6 F/UTP
  • Category 5e U/UTP
  • Category 5e F/UTP