Data Network Solutions

AMP NETCONNECT Products offers  a wide range of networking products to multitude of industries of different complexities. It offers pre-terminated fiber optics and cabling solutions that are highly efficient, most space saving and are modular in nature to suit the wide needs of the industry. It also adheres to building facility standards (IEC 61753-1) and provides a high end comprehensive networking solution.

Copper Solution

The AMP NETCONNECT  copper solution offers more than conventional cables. They are made of high quality materials and are suited to wide industrial needs. The range of copper cables that offers are cat 5, cat 6 and cat 7. They comply with industrial standards such as IEC 61156-5.

Fiber Optic Solution

AMP Netconnect provides a wide choice of high quality fiber optic cables for any kind of application. The range includes:

  • Indoor Distribution Cable (ULSZH)
  • Internal/ External Loose Tube Cable 4-144 Fiber (LSZH)
  • Outside Plant (OPS) Dielectric 4- 48 Fiber (PE)
  • Outside Plant (OPS) Armoured 4- 12 Fiber (PE)
  • Outside Plant (OPS) Armoured 24- 144 Fiber

All Cables are supplied with a Universal Low Smoke Zero Halogen (ULSZH) Jacket as a standard. Other Jacket materials like PE or Polyamide Chemical resistant are available upon request.

In addition AMP NETCONNECT offers for each available cable any Multimode and Singlemode Fiber option, which nowadays networks may require (up to Laser Grade OM2-Plus and 10 GigaBit OM3 & OM3 Plus Multimode Fibers)

Fiber Optic Patch Panel

The ranges of AMP NETCONNECT Fiber Patch Panels in drawer design are available equipped with a wide choice of different connector adapters like ST, SC MT-RJ or LC. They are supplied with cable management rings as well as with corresponding cable glands.

In order to integrate the Fiber Cabling System into the Intelligent Infrastructure Management, AMP NETCONNECT provides also AMPTRAC Fiber Patch Panels with MT-RJ, LC or SC connector interfaces.

Fiber Optic Patch Cords & Pigtails

AMP NETCONNECT Multimode Patch cords and Pigtails are designed for use in local area network (LAN) applications. The range incorporates a wide choice of connector interfaces, which feature ceramic ferrules as a standard.

All cable assemblies feature extended grade 50/125µ or 62.5/125µ fiber as standard and all are supplied with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) sheaths and buffer materials to make them safer in case of fire. The whole range of cable assemblies provide ensured performance by Optimized Physical Contacts (OPC). All terminations are 100% tested prior to shipment, guaranteeing highest quality end faces.

Insertion Loss: 0.3 dB typ.
Temperature range: -40°C to + 85°C

Connectors & Adaptor

The AMP commitment to fiber optic technology began in 1975, and has evolved to today’s capability to provide component solutions that go from the circuit board to the end-user.

Our comprehensive Fiber Connector line delivers virtually all industry standard connectors, including SC, ST-Style, FC, MT-RJ, FDDI, ESCON as well as the corresponding coupling receptacles.

In addition we provide a complete range of tooling and other required


110 Connect – Outlets & Faceplates

AMP NETCONNECT offers a wide range of Outlet installation kits and different faceplate styles for the 110 Connect System. The following options are available:

  • British Style Angled, Shuttered Faceplate
  • British Style Standard Faceplate