Low – Medium Voltage Busbar

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  1. Medium voltage products meet the standard of IEC 60694, IEC 62271-200, IEC 62771-201 IEC 62271-202 and IEEE C 37.23.
  2. Compact, easy to install, no emission of toxic gas.
  3. The purity of conductor is 99.9% for copper with conductivity above 98% IACS.
  4. Low voltage drop, high short circuit current withstand, carried out overload + 20% for 2 hours.
  5. Degree of protection tested in accordance with IEC-60529, IP68. Mechanical Impacts IK10.
  6. Mixing excellent material such as non-organic volcanic rock with small amount of resin made of busway. With excellent insulation and heat dissipation properties.
  7. Low EMC
  8. Insulation level of class B 130℃.
  9. Products have shown excellent results for at least 40 years, and passed aging test with safety operation over 50 years.
  10. Maintenance free.
Low Medium voltage busar