Campers’ Corner—an eponymous company founded in 1989—has three branches in Singapore, namely, Arc’teryx Concept Store by Campers’ Corner, Marmot Concept Store by Campers’ Corner, and Campers’ Corner Flagship Store. The three locations have the modus operandi of fulfilling consumers’ needs when it comes to outdoor and camping gear, be it winter clothing, camping equipment or simply footwear.

The comfort, sustainability, and style factor of the wide range of products are highlighted with the effective use of commercial lighting in stores. The sleek and elegant lighting brightens the presentation spaces. It elevates the international feel through architectural design and reinforces brand identity.

The welcoming and inviting ambience and vibe attracts consumers while contributing to lesser energy costs. It creates a perfect balance of cool and professional vibes and makes the store setting intimate and warm. The high-quality lighting fixtures makes heads turn whenever someone passes the storefront, attracts them inside and encourages them to come back more often. This, in turn, guarantees stupendous growth and increased revenue for all stores.

Accent and decorative lighting mould the retail space as an alluring part of the world where customers can spend hours on end. Ambient lighting adds to the classy and refined style sense. The end goal of the brilliant lighting is always the same—enhancing the retail experience for every consumer who steps into the stores. All in all, the lighting guarantees an enjoyable and memorable experience for the target audience.

The thoughtful execution of Campers’ Corner’s vibe does not interfere with the product quality, as customers can gauge the patterns and the quality even at a hand’s distance. It motivates purchase decisions as to the customers constantly strive to elongate the duration of their product browsing. The lighting at Campers’ Corner is the victory of a brilliant idea and powerful execution.