Cat 7 Cables

Future-Ready Networking with LKHPD's Cat 7A Cables

Step into the future of networking with LKHPD’s advanced Cat 7A cables—crafted to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability for high-speed data transfers.

cat 7 cable f/ftp

Cat 7 F/FTP Cables

Engineered for best-in-class speed, flexibility and protection

Why our Cat 7 cables?

Upgrade your network’s performance with LKHPD’s Cat 7 cables. Designed for reliability, efficiency, and longevity, these cables pave the way for high-speed, interference-free connectivity across various networking environments.

Unmatched Speed: Our Cat 7 cables support speeds up to 10 Gbps over 100 meters of copper cabling, ideal for high-speed Ethernet connections between servers, switches, and computer networks.

Advanced Shielding: Extensive shielding reduces signal attenuation and minimizes noise, ensuring a stable and interference-free connection for seamless operations.

Built to Last: Designed to meet stringent criteria around crosstalk and system noise blocking, resilient against environmental hazards, ensuring lasting performance and reliability.

Workplace or Home Setup: Whether establishing high-speed workplace connections or upgrading home internet, our Cat 7 cables promise optimal speed and efficiency for a superior wired online experience.

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Experience the Future of Connectivity

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