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Residential Lighting – When we are planning to build a brand new house or considering renovating your home, lighting plays a fundamental role in that. We all know that light generates positive effects on personalities and also brings significant health benefits to psychophysics. In addition to this, light is important aesthetically, in fact, it will create rooms more attractive and for practical aspects make them more leisurely, more spacious, and delicate. 

Outdoor lighting ideas

outdoor lighting for home
Outdoor lighting ideas

With the most recent LED technology, lighting techniques have also modified, projecting them into the future. A few years ago it was enough to choose a nice chandelier to put in the center of the room, nowadays creating a professional lighting project is a lot more complex challenge. This because there are different types of lighting fixtures and selecting the proper ones, based on the specific needs of the environment and also the aesthetic taste of people, is the real challenge in lighting design.

An important task of light is to obtain a welcoming environment and make sure that you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere that provides a sense of well-being at all times of the day.

Daylight is one of the primary things to consider when starting to think about the way to illuminate a residence.  

Another fundamental aspect is the furnishing. The light and lighting products should adapt and match the style of the house, the furniture, and especially the colors of the walls. 

This may need evaluating the study of lighting for each space or room on an individual basis.

So let’s take under consideration the most important areas of a residential house.

Living room Lighting

3D printed Pendant

3D Printed Lighting

Living room lighting

Decorative Lighting

The living room is probably the foremost complicated space to illuminate, probably because it is an area in the house where people tend to spend a lot of time in doing different activities such as conversing, watching TV or reading a book and also welcome guests. For this reason, it’s necessary to seek out a perfect combination of different types of products.

In addition, we have to be very careful in placing all the light fixture in the right spot and in the right height.  Almost certainly, in most of the living lounge rooms there is a central chandelier, often this is placed above a dining table. A very helpful installation is near the TV set. Installing two wall lamps, or uplights, with a soft light, will help to not strain the view while watching a movie. In addition to the chandeliers and wall lamps, floor lamp and a reading table lamp cannot be missing in the living room.

Kitchen Lighting

West Wittering England

©astro lighting,, photography: Julia Toms
Project: West Wittering, England

Kitchen Lighting

©astro lighting,, photography: Rosangela Photography
Project: Double concrete house, London

The kitchen is often divided into two areas: wet and dry area. In the wet area, it is absolutely necessary to have an intense, clear and shadow-free lighting that hinder the view of what is being done. In the presence of cabinets, it is essential to install LED strips with a very high colour rendering, in order not to offset the colour of the food. Very important is to have a direct ceiling light with a very high colour rendering and with a technology glare-free, which perfectly illuminates the work surface.

The dry area usually have an island bench where guests gather around for food tasting or chatting. Here a beautiful solution is to have a series of suspension lamps with a design that matches the style of the kitchen and with a light source directed on the counter. This installation is ideal for illuminating very well the dishes and decorating the room. A very important aspect to consider is the height at which the suspensions are placed.  More or less the light must be at a height that is 2/3 of the total height, generally the light source is at 1.7 meter from the floor. 

The use of only indirect light should be avoided in the kitchen.


Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

In the bathroom, it is very important to illuminate the mirror area which is the functional part of the room, as it represents make-up and/or shaving area.  The direct light source must be filtered by an opal diffuser, thanks to this effect no shadows are created on the face. The general bathroom light can be direct or indirect.

bath room lighting ideas

Modern bathroom lighting by ASTRO

Coelux - Artificial Skylight - Bathroom

Artificial Skylight by Coelux

Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom Lighting Ideas
vintage bed room lighting

Modern bathroom lighting by ASTRO

A common mistake is to illuminate the bedroom with a direct and strong ceiling light. In this case, if the light is direct down, it could produce a disturbing glare and in addition, create shadows in the wall if they are not light with another source.

Usually, in bedrooms there is the presence of the wardrobe so it is something we have to pay attention.

In fact, when a wardrobe is in the room it is important to illuminate it correctly. A good solution is to position adjustable downlights in the ceiling, close to the wardrobe doors, and direct them exclusively towards the wardrobe. This is an excellent solution. On the other end, if the wardrobe is located in a different room, the bedroom lights are often less intense. On the sides of the bed, to read or get up at night without disturbing your partner, a classic choice is to have two table lamps, however, a new fashion choice is to prefer having two suspensions above the bedside tables.



When designing lighting for homes, it is advisable to study a multi-level lighting system, which includes various types of light sources, placed at different heights. The combination of different light sources, in addition to avoiding the risk of anonymous flat lighting, will allow you to have different scenarios based on the occasions.


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