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Developed by an interdisciplinary team at the University of Insubria over the course of 10 years, Coelux has more than 150 IP rights spread throughout their collection of artificial skylight systems.  By scattering light from a white LED in a pattern that mimics the Rayleigh Effect, Coelux has successfully created an artificial daylight system that truly mimics a window facing an infinite blue sky.

Coelux Artificial Skylight

The experience of the sky and the sun in contemporary architecture: nanotechnologies, optical components and LED light sources are the elements that characterize the high-tech systems by CoeLux®.

CoeLux’s products are divided into three product families: CoeLux HT, CoeLux HE, CoeLux LS, CoeLux Sky Line

CoeLux HT (High-Tech) is available in 2 versions: CoeLux HT25, CoeLux HT25 Mini

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” say’s Arthur C. Clarke, author of Space Odyssey. CoeLux HT is pure magic, enclosing within a few centimetres a high-end technology that can be integrated even in small heights, providing the same magic of the sky and the sun that we find in nature.

CoeLux HE (High-End) is available in three versions: CoeLux 45 HC, CoeLux 45 LC, Coelux 45 Square, which differ in size and specifications.

What would day be without night? Large windows enclose a blue sky of infinite depth and a clear sun, which can create soft spots of warm light. For some of the products, the Sun and Moon versions are available as required for a spectacular nocturnal scenario.

CoeLux LS (Long Sky) is available in three versions: CoeLux LS Matte, CoeLux LS Ice and CoeLux LS Array, which differ in size and frame finish.

CoeLux Sky Line

An elongated window, available in three versions and versatile in its installation possibilities.

Featured Projects

CoeLux® fits any kind of architectural application: hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, offices, wellness centres, airports, undergrounds, museums, houses and even narrow spaces such as lifts or machineries for nuclear diagnostics.

Let yourself be inspired by the CoeLux projects, scenic creations from around the world.

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Coelux - Retails Applications


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