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With the rising cost of construction, increasing building complexity and tighter project deadlines, there is a growing need for a cost-effective, reliable and time-efficient solution. Our system is where the joint connecting the main cable and branch cables has been pre-molded under factory conditions. 

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Advantages of Branch Cables

Minimal Installation Time

Our branch cables are prefabricated in the factory and arrive ready for installation.  Cables may be fixed to walls with cleats or brackets, eliminating the need for trunking processes and greatly reducing installation overall time. 

Highly Durable & Weather Resistant

Prevent humidity-induced issues during wet weather conditions or humid environments by installing a completely airtight and waterproof branch cable.

Cost Effective
Low Labour Cost

Our branch cables come certified by a third party, so you can be assured that products are safe and of the highest quality.  The certification also eliminates the need to engage other parties to test or check the cables. 

Phase identification

Both the main cables and branch cables are colour-coded for easy phase discrimination by request.

What makes LKHPD Branch Cable System Different?

Backed by International Standard Rating of IP68

What does that mean for you?

Our branch cable systems have gone through tests to prove that they are fit enough to withstand dust, dirt and sand.

Unlike most other cables, IP68 ensures not only the waterproof property but also ensures the resistance to submersion of water up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.

With this feature, you no longer have to worry about the changes in weather conditions especially outdoors or even when the branch cables are installed underground, which can avoid soil humidity, moisture and air bubbles to potentially seep into the cables.

Fireproof - Waterproof Branch Cable

Our Branch Cable Certifications

  • Fully customisable using copper, aluminium, armoured, single-core and multicore solutions
  • Compliant with IEC60754, 61034 and can be made fire and water-resistant compliant to BS6387 CWZ and IEC60529 (IP68)
  • Can be pre-fitted with fuse-isolated branches to prevent system outages and any risk of fire
  • Can be pre-fitted with BS6387 CWZ proprietary fire-resistant plug and play safety connector kits
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Contact Resistance Test

At LKHPD, we provide contact resistance tests for branch cable which helps to provide assurance for our customers.

The electrical contact resistance test is used for cable joints as well as other connections. It measures either the voltage drop or the resistance offered by the contacts or resistance of the joints or connections.

Branch Cable Joint Specifications

Multi-Branch Single Core Cable Systems

Single/Multi-Core Modular Cable Systems

branch cable joint


Our IP68-rated, Branch Cable Systems can be used in any kind of tunnel, be it pedestrian, road, high-speed rail or urban/suburban metro. Low-smoke, halogen-free and fire-proof rated to BS6387 CWZ are some of the characteristics of our Branch Cable System, making it suitable for emergency lighting runs and any installation environment where safety is of utmost concern, whilst their simplicity can reduce installation times down to 1/5 compared to traditional installation techniques.

We can also supply the systems pre-terminated with fire-proof connectors to ensure the safety and integrity of the entire cable run.

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We provide a wide range of cable sizes and types to meet the needs of any electrical installation project, be it high-rise multiple-occupancy residential blocks, hospitals, commercial, data centre, hotels, or mixed-use buildings. Our modular pre-fabricated cable systems are available with a wide range of cables including flame-proof cables, armoured cables, anti-termite/anti-rodent, or standard PVC cables.

Branch Cable in High-rise Building
Branch Cable Systems in High-rise Building

Project Portfolio

Land Transport Authority (LTA) Projects

MRT Tunnel Project
  • Circle Line Stage 2

  • Circle Line Stage 3

  • Circle Line Stage 4

  • Circle Line Stage 5

  • Circle Line Extension

  • Thomson Line Stage 1
  • Thomson Line Stage 2
  • Thomson Line Stage 3
  • Thomson Line Stage 4
  • Thomson Line Stage 5
  • Downtown Line Stage 1
  • Downtown Line Stage 2
  • Downtown Line Stage 3
  • Circleline 6 & NorthEast Line Extension

Singapore PowerGrid Projects

  • East-West Tunnel Stage 1
  • East-West Tunnel Stage 2
  • East-West Tunnel Stage 3
  • North-South Tunnel Stage 1
  • North-South Tunnel Stage 2
  • North-South Tunnel Stage 3

Building Projects

  • Data Centre Project
  • Multi-Storey Warehouse Project
  • Condominium Project
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