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Coelux Skyline - Artificial Skylight

The CoeLux Sky Line diffuses CoeLux natural light into the room by means of a minimalist, linear wall washer projecting the sensation of sunlight onto the wall as a bright yellow band of light. The Smart Sky version allows you to replicate the changing colours of the day or the warm shades of a sunset, all in total harmony with the diffuse freshness of our blue light products to get the full CoeLux experience.

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CoeLux® fits any kind of architectural application: hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, offices, wellness centres, airports, undergrounds, museums, houses and even narrow spaces such as lifts or machineries for nuclear diagnostics.

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High Tech Flat - Artificial Skylight Panels


Whether used to flood long corridors with light, as an individual installation for small spaces or teamed with other CoeLux products, CoeLux Sky Line concentrates all the beauty of natural light in a compact, recessed luminaire, just 12 cm thick. The Classic version brightens up interiors, while the Smart Sky version accompanies you throughout the day, changing colour and light intensity from sunrise to sunset.

Sky and Light experience

The sensation of sunlight is reproduced via a beam of light projected onto the wall at a 45° angle. The soft blue light covers a wide area around the main beam itself with greater intensity towards the top of the wall and a more diffuse light towards the bottom. CoeLux Sky Line may be used individually, to compensate for a lack of natural light in a room, or teamed with other CoeLux Skylight products to increase the amount of light in an interior and get the most from your CoeLux system. Both installations can be synced with your smart home system (DALI and 0-10V) or through the CoeLux App Control.
We recommend installing the CoeLux Sky Line a maximum of 50 cm from the wall (the distance may vary based on the height of the room). The unique design of the advanced optics creates the perception of a seamless beam of light on the wall even when using several products together in a line, for example in a corridor.

Technical specifications

  • Beam orientation: 45°
  • Skylight size:  1178 x 30 mm   |   46.4 x 1.2”
  • Weight:  6 kg   |   13.2 lb
  • Necessary space for installation: 1256 x 186 x h120 mm   |   49.4 x 7.3 x h4.7”
  • Total light output Classic version: 2010 lm
  • Total light output Smart Sky version: 1810 lm (noon) – 1430 lm (sunset)
  • The frame can be ceiling-mounted trim or trimless.

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