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Coelux LS Array

CoeLux LS Array is a recessed ceiling system that replicates the natural light from the sun and sky. Create long corridors of sky with the limitless modularity of the CoeLux LS Array. The window of each module is divided into two equal parts by a small geometric element. The light spot on the wall, with small scattered areas of shadow, provides a highly realistic effect to the composition.

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CoeLux® fits any kind of architectural application: hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, offices, wellness centres, airports, undergrounds, museums, houses and even narrow spaces such as lifts or machineries for nuclear diagnostics.

Coelux LS Array - Hospital
Coelux LS Array - Office
CoeLux Array - Hospital

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High Tech Flat - Artificial Skylight Panels

Create long corridors of sky with the versatility of the CoeLux LS Array. The light projection on the wall and the small scattered areas of shadow provides a naturalistic composition. 

The frame spacing produces shadows and a play of optics. While observing the layout of the CoeLux LS Array, a sun with shadowy outlines appears to follow when moving below the system. This illusion of slight movement gives the system a realistic effect. 

The CoeLux LS Array can be installed in various areas of a room. Install them adjacent to the wall for a wall washing effect or vertically to produce scenic glimpses of sky.

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