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Natural lighting, also known as daylighting, is a technique that efficiently brings natural light into your home using exterior glazing (windows, skylights, etc.), thereby reducing artificial lighting requirements and saving energy. Natural lighting has been proven to increase health and comfort levels for building occupants.

Natural lighting plays an important role in the comfort, health, and mood of the human, but it varies depending on where we are. In architecture, it is integral to the design of a building, it brings added value.

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CoeLux is the first company faithfully to reproduce the full effect of the sky and sun in an artificial device.

Types of natural lighting in architecture

There are different types of natural light that come into a building, here are some of them:

Diffuse and uniform light coming from larger and more regular openings, for example: strip windows around a room;
Direct light from the direct sunlight at the desired location on the floor or other surface;
Zenith light from the ceiling like a skylight;
Reflected light from any surface and redirected into space.

type of natural lighting
Natural Lighting in Architecture

Blue arrow: sunlight reflected from outside to inside.

Green arrows: direct light entering the interior, the amount of openings allows uniform light in the space.

Direct sunlight in architecture

Zenith light: roof opening allowing uniform light with both sunny and cloudy skies.


Natural lighting benefits

Understand the importance of natural lighting, especially on mental health of human, it starts to have more and more lighting application for healthcare sector

The human being recognizes in the sky an element of vital importance, a global ancestral language that binds man to the outdoor environment.

Light is, in this sense, the key element to maintain a good psycho-physical balance during our days.

The outdoor stimuli such as light or dark helps us to regulate the biological clocks and keep us synchronized with the alternation day/night. Almost all the functions of the human body vary according to these rhythms, known as circadian cycles. The clocks that rules the circadian rhythms are controlled by the brain, are regulated by the sun through the visual system and deeply conditioning our health and well-being.

Today our rhythms have been suddenly reversed, during this new everyday routine passed within our homes walls is important to maintain a good quality of sleep, which influences all our mind functions: mood, concentration, attention, stress, etc. .The natural light is closely related to the production of melatonin which have a great influence on our wellbeing.

Did you know about Artificial Skylight System

#didyouknow: CoeLux is the first company faithfully to reproduce the full effect of the sky and sun in an artificial device.

CoeLux® is an optical system based on nano technology to artificially reproduce the natural light and visual appearance of the sun and sky.

CoeLux was awarded at the European Innovation Prize for Retail 2017 for revolutionizing artificial daylight. The applications for CoeLux are endless, as it is not only an awe-inspiring decorative lighting solution.

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Coelux Artificial Skylight
Coelux Artificial Skylight
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