Natural Lighting in Architecture and its benefits

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Direct sunlight in architecture

Natural lighting plays an important role in the comfort, health, and mood of the human, but it varies depending on where we are. In architecture, it is integral to the design of a building, it brings added value.

Types of natural lighting in architecture

There are different types of natural light that come into a building, here are some of them:

Diffuse and uniform light coming from larger and more regular openings, for example: strip windows around a room;
Direct light from the direct sunlight at the desired location on the floor or other surface;
Zenith light from the ceiling like a skylight;
Reflected light from any surface and redirected into space.

Natural Lighting in Architecture

Blue arrow: sunlight reflected from outside to inside.

Green arrows: direct light entering the interior, the amount of openings allows uniform light in the space.

Direct sunlight in architecture

Zenith light: roof opening allowing uniform light with both sunny and cloudy skies.


Natural lighting benefits

Understand the importance of natural lighting, especially on mental health of human, it starts to have more and more lighting application for healthcare sector

Enhancing the healing environment

Improve patient experience in your hospital, with a unique research-based lighting system. HealWell uses innovative illumination to support healthy sleep, alleviate anxiety, and lift mood in patients and staff.

Supporting natural sleep rhythms

Science shows that light has a significant impact on our health and well-being. Not only does it affect our mood, but it also controls our natural biorhythms. By mimicking natural daylight patterns in hospitals, where patients are indoors all day, artificial illumination can support a healthy sleep-wake cycle. HealWell has been designed specifically to achieve this by automatically changing the brightness and hue of the light throughout the day, reflecting the conditions outside.

Researching the benefits of HealWell

The technology was put to the test in the cardiology department of the Maastricht University Medical Center, in the Netherlands. The study measured sleep patterns, mood, and other variables in patients staying in HealWell-equipped rooms. To enable a comparison, the same measurements were taken from patients who were in rooms with conventional lighting.

Glowing results

The tests confirmed that light has a positive effect on patients. Compared to rooms with conventional lighting, measurements in rooms equipped with HealWell showed:

  • Improved patient and staff satisfaction
  • Longer sleep duration for patients
  • Shorter time taken for patients to fall asleep
  • Enhanced mood of patients, as derived from the HADS (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale) depression scores


Hospital Lighting

HealWell – A new lighting solution for patient rooms

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